Friday, November 18, 2011

Returning Clients Create Retirement Dream

After living in their west Bradenton residence for a few decades, these homeowners felt that a simple kitchen update was not sufficient to keep them comfortable in their retirement – a major overhaul was in order. For years the kitchen seemed dark and cramped (even though it had white cabinets and a domed ceiling), and the foodie that lives here felt that there were several areas where functionality could be improved.

Originally, they wanted to move a wall and steal some of the existing dining room space for a more spacious kitchen. Even though they routinely used the dining room and needed to accommodate a large table, they felt that was the only way to achieve what they wanted. Then they met with Scott Duncan. Since Duncan’s Creative Kitchens had assisted them with a bathroom  remodel just the year before, the clients knew what they were in for. 

Scott walked through the existing kitchen with the homeowners, asking about the good and bad aspects of the existing room. Being a foodie  himself, Scott was able to appreciate the need for better ergonomic flow as the homeowner would pass from food prep to cooking to cleanup. In the end, Scott was able to devise a plan that not only improved the space, but didn’t have to rob precious area from an already cramped dining room or spend money moving a wall which housed the plumbing (which would have added a couple thousand dollars to the final cost of the project).

Removing the dropped ceiling was a given, but the majority of improvements were accomplished by widening an existing doorway, pushing the fridge a little further into the adjacent family room, and creating an opening between the kitchen and the dining room. The space not only appeared larger, but enabled the clients to feel like they were present at their own parties (and not just the kitchen help). 

To keep with the rest of the house, a definite nod towards the traditional was achieved by using StarMark oak cabinetry in a warm tone (Oak Georgetown in a Honey with Chocolate glaze). An additional glazed finish really brings out the grain in the raised panel doors. The warm but light tones of the Tropical Breeze granite becomes a focal point as it travels up the wall behind the cooktop. Since no walls were moved, the existing tile floors were salvaged and allows the flow between rooms to continue unabated, augmenting the feeling of larger space.

To juxtapose the traditional air, cabinets were accented with frosted glass, and black appliances show a more contemporary flair. The addition of a wine chiller is but one of the special details these homeowners desired in an effort to achieve the functionality and ergonomic affect a foodie desires when he or she creates. 

Instead of moving that pesky wall, glass cabinetry was punched through, adding dimension & conversational ease in the kitchen – and a focal point for the dining room.

With a kitchen like this, retirement might be everything it’s cracked up to be after all.