Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sell It In A Little While (3-7 Years)

Most people fall into this category. Even when you don’t have any plans to sell in this timeframe, if you aren’t sure about the length of time you’re going to own your home, these are the tips to follow.

Individualize, But Not Out of the Mainstream
You’re going to be there long enough to put your personal stamp on things, but you want to make sure that it’s not too ‘out there’. Make the permanent pieces (cabinets, counters, and floors) a nice neutral, then you can bring in blocks of color with paint and accessories.

Splurge Judiciously
It’s OK to go overboard on some things, but narrow it down to the 1 or 2 that you really want. Scale back on those things that are less important. So go ahead and get the Viking range, but maybe you don’t need the triple-upgrade, hand-carved onlays on every door.

Classic, Not Trendy
Stick with a timeless look, and stay away from the trends of the day. That way, if you decide to sell in three months or fifteen years, it will still look relevant.

Proper Lighting Is A Must!
Need I say more?

Move the Walls – If It Makes Sense
Be prudent with any structural changes. Although I’m always in favor of a larger kitchen, it doesn’t always make practical sense, and practicality is the key here.

It’s never easy to determine the correct decision when you are contemplating a remodeling project. But if you follow these simple recommendations, you’ll always know if you’re spending the proper amount, regardless of your situation.