Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini Remodeling Trends

Received this from Kitchen & Bath Design News. Thought it was interesting: 

'Mini Remodel' Trend Highlights Decorative & Functional Hardware

As cautious consumers look to spruce up their homes without breaking the bank, mini remodels are becoming increasingly common. Decorative and functional hardware can play a key role in these jobs, as it can provide an updated look and better functionality while giving consumers plenty of "bang for the buck."

Decorative hardware allows for greater personalization, whether the preference is for coordinated hardware throughout the home or unique designs that speak to the homeowners' tastes, interests and passions. Bolder, larger pulls and knobs are hot, with clean lines and linear designs all the rage right now. In functional hardware, quiet-close features, door dampers, slides that accommodate large drawers and lifter mechanisms are in high demand.

Below are some of the hottest trends in decorative and functional hardware.
  • In decorative hardware, transitional styling remains a strong trend, as it works in a broad array of environments and doesn't get dated easily, making it a "safe" choice.
  • Dovetailing the trend toward greater simplicity in design, decorative hardware lines are cleaner and more linear, with less ornate detailing. But less ornate doesn't mean unobtrusive: Bold is in right now, with larger bar pulls, appliance pulls and oversized knobs being used to make a design statement.
  • At the ultra high end, traditional still holds strong appeal, with some seeing a revival in French and early Italian period hardware, as well as requests for special finishes such as two tones and patinas.
  • There is continued interest in formal finishes such as polished chrome and polished nickel, while stainless steel, satin nickel and satin chrome are popular for their ability to coordinate well with popular fixtures and appliances.
  • Functional hardware is increasingly being seen as a design element, not just an afterthought, with growing demand for advanced closing technologies, such as self-closing drawer slides and door dampers that eliminate the noise associated with cabinet door slamming.
  • With an aging population, hardware that enhances accessibility, such as lifter mechanisms, is becoming increasingly popular. 

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